Al-Dirasa Agency Visited IGU Campus


Al-Dirasa Agency team visited Istanbul Gelisim University campus on 12.11.2021.

    Before the start of the visit, The Agency Manager Dr. Fadi Iboor made an interview with Umedjon Haitmurodov, Coordinator of the International Students Office about our university.

   During the visit, our International Student Office (ISO) Vice Director Dana Kalawi and our International Student Advisors Jihad Akbazli and Melek Kurt visited the Dentistry and Health Sciences Faculties and Schools with the agency.

    While visiting the laboratories and workshops in our faculties, necessary information about the departments was given by our related faculty members.

    Lastly, the agency team visited our International Student Office. We thank them for this visit and continuing support.

Arrangement Date : 15 11 2021