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Scholarship Opportunities

Types of Scholarship Opportunities
   Istanbul Gelisim University provides various scholarship opportunities to international students according to the criteria it determines. These scholarships, as a result of the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) held within the school, students who have achieved success in line with the high school graduation grades of the students who have an International Diploma or on in the form of free double major opportunities with the condition that their general score average is not less than 2.72 in the first year of higher education.

Scholarship Based on YÖS
  If the students participating in IGÜYÖS rank among the top 5 in the ranking of success, scholarships are given between 50% -75%.

Click on the link below for İGÜYÖS application:
International Diploma (IB)
Students with an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, with a score of 35-45 study on a scholarship.

*The scholarship provided to students with the above mentioned criterias covers only the tuition fee. Never the less, things like accommodation, meal, transportation, books and etc. aren't covered by the scholarship. Beside, the given scholarships are unrequited and can be cut during normal education. In case if the normal education or the expected graduation period is exceeded a disciplinary action would be taken which would result in terminating the given scholarship effective from the date the disciplinary penalty is finalized. The tuition fee scholarship mentioned here covers the students who are placed in the only programs specified in the placement guidelines. This scholarship category does not include departments such as Psychology, Dentistry, Aircraft Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance and Repair, Aircraft Technology, Pilot Training, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.*

These scholarships cannot be combined with institutional scholarships.

Double Major Opportunity
Students with a GPA of 2.72 in the first year of their higher education in our university have the opportunity to do a double major. Istanbul Gelisim University does not charge students who benefit from double major any additional fee.